Anodising is SeaMac's recommended finishing method for our product. 

Anodising is IN the metal, not ON the metal, which differentiates it from powder coated or painted surface finishes.  This is achieved via an electrochemical bathing process (see pictures below), so it will withstand the harsh marine environment. 

As you can see in the photos below, the frames are all hung and dipped into a series of baths where different processes cleanse, impregnate and seal the surface of the metal, giving you a hard coat finish.

The most popular, and tried and tested, finish is silver but we can also offer black, which is very popular.


Bright Anodising

Bright Anodising is a pre-process utilised to brighten up the metal prior to anodising, often referred to as 'bright dipping'. The aluminium frames are submerged in a tank to chemically polish the aluminium, before they are coloured (if black), anodised, and then sealed to close off the metals pores.

At SeaMac we also polish your aluminium frames to a high shine prior to brightening which means we achieve the best possible final finish. The result is a high gloss finish which adds a bit of extra "bling" to your project!

We recently installed the below sliding door in the back of a launch with black bright anodised frames and tinted glass... the windows either side are also black bright anodised... the result was simply stunning!

bright anodising

Powder Coating

In some situations a white or coloured product is required. In this instance, we can supply powder coated joinery. In our experience this is best limited to aft-facing product, i.e aft access doors and cockpit area windows. The joinery in your boat is constantly blasted by the sea, salt and wind driven sand, but in the cockpit area they are offered some protection and powder coating has proven to be acceptable. 

Powder coating is a paint finish, and a very good finish at that, however with no maintenance (cleaning, cutting and polishing) it will deteriorate as your motor vehicle would if left in a marine environment. 

For further information on this finish please contact us