Standard Sliding Window

Our most popular frame! It carries 6mm (1/4") or 8mm (7/16") toughened glass and is widely used in pleasure and commercial craft alike. It has been tested over and over in all sorts of vessels, and is a proven product providing an openable window custom built to your shape and size.  

Our standard sliding windows are all fitted with SeaMac's unique Under Frame Drain which provides good drainage out of both the sliding track and the inner fixed track (scroll down for more information and pictures).

This frame can be supplied with mitred corners or radiused to 76, 95, 125 and 152mm (cut out in your vessel).

Standard Sliding Window Extrusion


Under Frame Drain (UFD)

Developed by, and unique to, SeaMac; we fit an Under Frame Drain (UFD), see pictures below, to all sliding windows which provides good drainage out of both the sliding track and the inner fixed track. This drain consists of a wedge shaped channel welded to the underside of the frame enabling us to drill straight down through the bottom of the window frame to let water escape back out to the outside of the frame. This downward attitude is far superior to the common technique of routering horizontally through frame webs asking the water to run horizontally rather than down to escape. Hey, water likes going down hill, yes? 

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