The Standard Fixed Frame is one of our best selling frames.

It can be made with radiused or mitred corners to most any shape. It has an 18mm (3/4") flange to all sides and will support glazing materials from 4mm (3/16") to 8mm (7/16"). It is used in Launches, Yachts and small commercial fishing boats etc.

Radius options include 38, 50, 60, 76, 95, 118mm.  The way in which we form the radius is a former and follower technique , so we strongly recommend you stick to our radii options. If you pick up a paint tin and scribe around that, we may not be able to produce a frame to suit.

Mitred frames are also an option, giving you a distinct and sharp look that in some scenarios is an advantage. We can cut to almost any shape, and produce a fine looking custom window made for the job.

Our Standard fixed frame is a low profile frame, designed to carry the glass, not dominate the side of the boat.

Standard Fixed Frame Extrusion