SeaMac Hatch Windows vs "Deck Hatches"

The other day I had a customer call and ask me whether SeaMac do an "offshore" hatch, and I very honestly said to the customer "what do you mean by an offshore hatch?" thinking to myself, we make marine windows... are they not ALL meant for offshore? 

When I asked Dave about it, well... lets just say he's not one to summarise, he likes to educate! If you know Dave well, you'll know what I mean by that. So I thought I'd share with you what I learnt about how a SeaMac Hatch Window differs from what Dave referred to as a traditional "deck hatch". 

What is a "deck hatch"?  A deck hatch is like the picture bottom right above, that has opening handles on the outside face, adjustable stays and is purpose built as a 'deck' hatch that you can crawl in and out of.  It's sole purpose in life is a 'Deck' hatch for climbing in and out of and ventilation. 

A SeaMac Hatch Window is a window that has been designed to operate like a hatch...??? yep, that confused me too! I'll keep going...

First and foremost... the weather tightness of our Hatch Windows are not unlike the "deck hatch". The extrusions Dave has designed for this product ensure a water tight seal, so there is no question our Hatch Window qualifies as an "offshore" hatch. TICK! The water shedding of the hatch is kept above the surrounding cabin sides, so it is suitable in any position form horizontal to vertical.

The second point of difference is that we custom make our Hatch Windows, to suit your requirements. 

We are an authorised reseller of said "deck hatch" which comes in set sizes, which you buy 'off the shelf' and they are cheaper than our custom made product. Why? Because all our Hatch Windows are one-off custom built, which means you customise the colour of the frame, thickness and colour of the glass, the handles/latches, whether you have gas stays or just security latches etc and of course the most important customisation, the size of the hole in your boat! So we make it to suit what you need... TICK!

So why do we also sell the "deck hatch"? ...because they have their place in the market and their hardware is unique to their hatch; latches that open from both inside and out, lockable from the inside, and adjustable stays. These are unique to this product.
The other reason we endorse this product is because it is manufactured domestically here in NZ and getting replacement parts for them is really easy. 

So, what I summise from all this? Well, technically speaking, the difference between the two is that Hatch Window is a window built like a Hatch, it has the same qualities as a offshore hatch but its made to be a window.  A "deck hatch", is what it says it is, a Deck hatch. Its used in the deck or top sides of what ever you want egress through or ventilation from. It is, a Deck' hatch. Our Hatch Window is a window, with all the sealing qualities of a hatch. In some situations ,they do the same job and they're as good as one another... to our knowledge, SeaMac is the only company making a proper 'Hatch window', something quite rare in our industry. So if you have a need for a hinged window in an exposed situation, that may be horizontal or on an incline,  the SeaMac Hatch Window is the one for you.

The Hatch Window is commonly used in the centre-front location of hardtops and saloons on Launches, and dodgers on Yachts. It has also been used in tugs and ships wanting the weather proofness of a hatch, but the functioning ability of a window. 

Posted on November 25, 2014 .