Motorhomes, Caravans and Horse Floats

SeaMac, traditionally involved with the marine industry, has been supplying product to the Motorhome industry for many years. Awning windows, sliding windows, access doors, access locker doors, gas locker doors, lift out floor hatches and specially made cranked and shaped doors/windows of all descriptions.

The up market Motorhome industry is one that is demanding better and better quality. Your typical caravan window that is made for that specific market, and is very suitable for that market, is not always suitable for the up market motorhome.

Sliding Windows

SeaMac has designed and developed a specific sliding window that can have mitered or radiused corners, broken panels can be replaced without removing it from the motorhome, and if required, it can incorporate a fly screen. A heavy duty good quality attractive window, it fills the void that the budget caravan window and fully fledged marine window leave behind. It incorporates the quality of the full marine version but does not have all the water heads and under frame drains that the marine window requires. For technical drawings and more information click here.

Awning Windows

You can find information on these windows from here. We have been supplying these to the motorhome industry for years and they are very popular. It is not a cheap window and fly screening can present a problem, but for the guy that wants a push out styled window, this is it. We incorporate a continuous run hinge system that prevents water dribbling down between that awning and the frame, and can fit a variety of glass types and thickness’.

Access Doors

Our access door frame is one that is used in a variety of situations. We make entry doors cupboard doors, locker doors, stowage doors, gas locker doors, and almost any other door you may need. You can download frame details and read more here. The same frame type is used in all situations, with different hardware configurations.  Doors can open in or out, and can be custom made to your specification

Floor Hatches

Again utilizing the open out access door frame, we make lift-out floor panels, to all shapes and sizes. These are lift-out panels that give access to anything and everything beneath the floor, which would normally be hidden and impossible to get at. Battery stowage bins, gray/clear water tanks, fuel tanks and hand brake cables, if you need to get at it, a lift-out floor panel makes the job easy. They can be left exposed or carpeted over.


Motor homes, Caravans, Horse Floats and Boats, we cater to them all.