SeaMac's biggest point of difference is the effort that we go to, to assure quality, a weather proof window and on-time delivery, not three months down the track! 

Just a little on sealants. In the beginning we used secomastic sealants, butylmastics, silicones and different urethane based adhesives, but all proved to have their inherent problems. 

We used urethane based adhesives for many years, and many still use them, but they require extensive priming, activating and black-out procedures to work. They are very strong but anything based on urethane seems to break down in the strong UV we have in the southern hemisphere, and these sealants where exposed to light are no exception, in spite of the UV inhibitors etc that they claim to put into them. We also had issues with the dye used in these as it stained the anodising and proved difficult to work with. 

We then tried silicone based sealants, but found that bleeding of the silicone molecule after curing (drying) is possible and this molecule gets into the pores of the surface below where its used and has been known to be all but impossible to remove, meaning you are stuck with ‘fish eye’ in your paint work or worst case, it just won’t stick. Silicone is like Teflon, nothing sticks to where it has been. Its doesn't even like sticking to itself, and forget about painting on top of it, the paint simply peels off. 

About 6-7 years ago now we discovered MS Polymers, and we've never looked back. We've seen a 95% reduction in leaks and other common issues, and customer feedback remains positive with every job we do. 

Why are MS Polymers our adhesive of choice?

- It's paintable, and colour fast, so you'll get years of that "brand new" look
- It's UV stable, so there's no cracking or fading or changing in colour. You also don’t need all the activators, priming and blacking-out, it will withstand years of wear and tear in the hot sun.
- It's flexible and strong, so it can withstand even the harshest weather conditions, while holding your windows in position.
- It's multipurpose; adhesive & sealant therefore... it’s a one shot deal .. done and dusted! 

So, if you're having issues with leaking windows, talk to SeaMac about how we can help, we've been doing it for a long time!

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