Access Doors

The access door is a very versatile set of extrusions. From these profiles we manufacture doors, cupboard doors, floor access hatches (internal and external), Engine Room Doors, Bulk Head water tight doors, Bi-fold, French and Cabin doors. 

The Access Door is our most commonly used hinged door. With two different frames, it can be made to Open Out, or IN as required. Please note that Open IN doors are designed to leak, yes, I said it, leak. I often say that anything that opens and shuts will leak given enough wind and water. Open IN doors will definitely leak so provision must be made during boat construction, or door, fitting to allow for this.

We can make doors to your dimensions, it can be made square, rectangular, odd shaped or triangular, the sky is the limit.

We can make them mitred or radius corners with options being 76mm or 100mm, cut out in the vessel.

There are three basic styles of our access door which you can choose from, please click on the title to see more photos of each style:

There are too many ways to discuss how this door has been used. As a custom build workshop, we can design and build a door to suit most needs. 

Please contact us with your specific requirements.

Access Door Open In Extrusions

Access Door Open Out Extrusions