Whangarei Marina & Town Basin

About Us

Previously known as Northland Aluminium Boat Windows or Nortal Boat Windows or "those boat windows made up north", David & Janet MacInnes purchased the company in September 1994. 

First task at hand was to find a new name! To give the product a handle which would stick and become known throughout the industry. After much research and many discussions someone said to me "If you want a decent window, go and see Mac". That had a nice ring to it, and the name stuck... SeaMac!

SeaMac today is an international brand known for our high quality, attention to detail, and reliable service, by boat builders and naval architects alike.  

David has over 40yrs of experience in the aluminium joinery business, starting his career in domestic joinery, before moving his expertise over into the marine industry a few years prior to purchasing SeaMac. 

SeaMac is a family owned and run company, with family values. 

David has spent many years perfecting his joinery for the harsh marine environment, ensuring that only the hardiest products and techniques are used in the assembly of a SeaMac Marine Window or Doors. 


Meet the Team

You'll notice very quickly that there's a few Mac's around here, so lets have a look at who will be looking after you...

We also have on the team...

Gaye Moselen - Administration and Accounts

Gaye wouldn't let us take a photo of her, but she is the lovely lady that answers the phone around here and she looks after all our accounts. She has been with SeaMac since 2013.

From left:

Bonnie MacInnes - Sales Manager

Bonnie is Dave's eldest daughter. She joined the SeaMac Team in 2014, after returning from almost 10yrs across the ditch in Australia working in Client Relations Management.

Her role within the team is to look after quoting, customer relations, sales, production scheduling, our newsletter and website.

She will more than likely be your first port of call, if she's not doing the school run with her young children.


David MacInnes - Managing Director

Dave, aka "Big Boss", the man himself. He's still in the background, but we put him in the small office outback, closer to the back door... he calls it "his exit strategy". He's the knowledge, the expertise, around here... so we wont be letting him get too close to the exit any time soon! You can read more about Dave's history in the 'About Us' section above.


Shamus MacInnes - General Manager

Shamus is Dave's one and only son, and will be the successor to the business... eventually. Nicknamed "Lil Boss", by the staff he joined the SeaMac team in 2015, after working in the Oil & Gas Industry in Australia as a Welding Supervisor. He worked for SeaMac prior to obtaining his certification in Welding and Fabrication, so not only does he have prior experience with SeaMac, he's returned with a wealth of knowledge that will no doubt see this place grow and prosper over the years to come.

He will be looking after customer relations, factory operations, quoting, onsite installs and quotes... and generally running the place.



SeaMac is based in Whangarei, in New Zealand's North Island, with a population of almost 75,000 people. Boasting three beautiful marinas, with one being located in the town basin in the heart of the CBD and a 5 minute walk from SeaMac's office. Whangarei has become a very popular hub for boaties travelling through the South Pacific. 

Whangarei is a short 30min flight or two hour drive north of Auckland, and is only an hour south of the beautiful Bay of Islands. 

For more information on what Whangarei has to offer our marine visitors, please visit Whangarei Marine Promotions, of which David is on the steering committee.